Siena v1.0.0-b2 release

Just released Siena v1.0.0 beta2.

We have reached almost 700 unit tests. The number might seem very high but it allows us to validate a big number of cases for pagination/limit/offset in stateless/stateful modes and reproduce the exact behavior between JDBC and GAE. In the future, new DB implementations will be easier to validate with all those tests.

Here are the release notes:

Second draft of v1.0.0 with bug fixes and code optimization


* @Id without Generator.XXX works now: it is now by default Generator.AUTO_INCREMENT but for String, this is just skipped


* added query.limit(int)/query.offset(int) functions

* changed the pagination/limit/offset management to make it fully homogeneous between JDBC/GAE sync/async and in fetch/fetchKeys/iter functions

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